What is Paypal?
Paypal, owned by eBay, is a global online payment system. Paypal is convenient, easy to use and secure way to send and recieve money online.
PayPal lets you pay for items using your bank account, credit or debit cards or the balance of your PayPal account without revealing your card number or financial information to the recipient.

Paypal is now available in 56 countries and allows you to send and recieve funds in 6 currencies.
How Paypal Works
Does it cost to set-up a Paypal account?
Signing up for a Paypal account is FREE and there is no charge to send money.

Why use Paypal?
Paypal is SAFE to use
Using encryption software to allow people to make financial transfers between computers without revealing your card number or financial information to the recipient. PayPal now boasts more than 100 million accounts worldwide
Paypal is FAST to use
Merchants who accept Paypal are paid instantly so they do not need to wait for funds to clear.

Paypal is EASY to use
Paying with Paypal is easy and convenient. Simply enter your Paypal username and password during checkout when you want to pay for items - no need to go to a separate website to enter in bank details, you don’t have to pull out your credit card every time you make a transaction.
Australia Post Money Orders
Available to a maximum value of $1,000, Australia Post Money Orders are easy to buy and cash at more than 3,800 postal outlets nationwide. As well as being cashed on the spot, they can also be deposited directly into a bank account, just like a cheque.
With a purchase fee of just $4.00 each, irrespective of value, Australia Post Money Orders are affordable. A bank cheque can cost at least twice this and unlike cash, with a number of built in security features Australia Post Money Orders are a safe way to send money through the mail.
Australia Post Money Orders are the ideal way to make a variety of payments.
Buying Goods On-line
Australia Post Money Orders are a simple and secure way to pay and accept payment of goods and services within Australia. They’re a great solution when you want to buy goods on-line but don’t feel comfortable providing your credit card details over the Internet, particularly for those one-off purchases. You also have a record of the payment and the peace of mind of knowing that they can only be cashed or banked by the payee.
Because they can be cashed at Australia Post outlets nationally, they are a convenient way to receive payments too.
You will need to make the Money Order payable to "Bayers Trading Post" using your order number as a reference and send to:

Bayer’s Trading Post
PO Box 5506
Alexandra Hills QLD 4161
Bank Deposit or Transfer is also accepted. When you are completing checkout, make sure to select the Wire Transfer option and the appropriate details will be displayed for you.
NOTE: When using Bank Deposit or Transfer, you must either use your item number or order number as the payment reference so we can easily identify your payment and help speed up shipping of your order.
Bank Deposit or Transfer
Bayer’s Trading Post Pty Ltd  A.B.N. 32 010 415 666